Last Updated On: 18/01/2014

Proud Moments of Indian Sports


 1951 Asian Games, New Delhi (163KB)
 1952 Helsinki Olympics Bronze Medal (369KB)
 1975 World Cup Hockey, Malaysia (104KB)
 1982 Asian Games, New Delhi (107KB)
 1983 World Cup Cricket, England (66KB)
 2000 Olympics, Bronze Medal (63KB)
 2001 All England Badminton (60KB)
 2003 Afro Asian Games, Hyderabad (58KB)
 2003 World Snooker Championship, China (49KB)
 2004 Athens Olympics, Silver Medal (79KB)
 2007 Twenty20 World Cup Cricket. South Africa (41KB)
 2008 Beijing Olympics, One Gold and two Bronze Medals (144KB)
 2010 Asian Games, 14 Gold and 17 Silver and 33 Bronze (114KB)
 2010 Commonwealth Games, 38 Gold and 27 Silver and 36 Bronze (191KB)
 2011 World Cup Cricket, India (59KB)
 2012 London Olympics, 2 Silver and 4 Bronze Medals (189KB)
 Sports Awardees