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 Anterior knee pain [Patellar Tendonitis] Management and Modification in Bike fitting for a Track Cyclist
 Assessments of athlete and its Importance
 Basic Nutrition and Calculation of Calories
 Growth and Maturation in Athlete.
 Identifying Technical problems and Prevention of Sports Injuries
 Load Management and Injury prevention in Adolescent Athletes
 Motivation as it relates to self-determination
 Periodisation of Strength Training
 Physical and Psychological changes
 Preventing Sports Injuries with a special relevance to team games
 Psychology of Strength training
 Resistance training programe design
 Soft Tissue Injuries
 Sports Injuries in Field of Play
 Sports Science Webinar - Theoretical insight into Running Mechanics  (2163KB)
 Stress Management in Sports
 Supplements and their relevance in Athletes Performance
 Techniques and Basics of Bio Mechanics
 The How of coaching - Mental perspective of coaches
 Understanding Blood Test and Body Measurement for athletes
 :Strength Training Exercise Presentation